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Please note that we are a brand new company and not all links on our website are fully operational yet.

However, you are quite welcome to contact us with your enquiries.

WebaDream Home Page

WebaDream is a recently formed UK company dedicated to producing quality websites at a low to medium cost. We are based in Todmorden, West Yorkshire.

We aim to help two specific types of customer: individuals wanting a low cost personal site and small businesses/sole-traders who require a more polished approach, still at a very competitive price. We have the capability of producing sites for larger businesses too, although we do not actively seek these out. You are welcome to enquire.

Unlike many other web design companies, we will mention our prices here and now and give examples of the quality you can expect to receive.

Our simplest, most basic web site could cost as little as £100 and contain four to six pages, typically. We refer to these as 'Economy Websites'. To receive a site so economically, there is one precondition. Nevertheless, this package could be perfect for some people.

Small businesses requiring a more professional-looking site should expect to pay between £200 to £400 for a six page site. Business owners who want an online presence, primarily to let potential customers know who they are and what they do, could find this package a very attractive proposition.

The most professional-looking business sites, consisting of up to twenty or thirty pages, are likely to be in the range of £400 to £1000. Because customer's requirements differ so widely, it is hard to be precise. Our primary aim is to produce a good quality site but we want, also, for the customer to feel that he/she has received value for money.

The websites we produce will display correctly on large monitors, medium-sized tablets and small mobile phones - just about any modern device.

As a service to our customers, we can host most websites that we create for £2 per month (paid annually).

How proud will you be of your new site? What will the quality be like? To find out, click below.