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However, you are quite welcome to contact us with your enquiries.

Business Websites - What is involved?

We approach the creation of Business Websites in a different manner to the way we approach Economy Sites. Many business owners are up to their eyeballs in work and wish to delegate as much as possible of the hard work of website creation to somebody else. Other business owners are struggling financially to keep their business afloat in these difficult times and wish to save as much money as possible in the creation of their website. They want the website to create extra revenue for their business but can hardly afford the website in the first place. We can cater for both extremes and everybody in between.

Only one thing is certain - you know your business better than we do. Before contacting us, you should spend just a little time thinking about what information you want on your site. The initial ideas need to come from you, although they don't need to be too detailed.

After your initial thoughts, please contact us to discuss your ideas or for an estimate of cost. If you wish to proceed, you ask us to produce your Home Page.

We will create your Home Page and put it online, temporarily, so that you may view it in your browser.

Hopefully, you will be pleased with our initial offering but you may suggest alterations. When you are satisfied, you ask us to proceed with the rest of your site and send us a deposit.

We create the full site and put it online for you to view. If you are not completely satisfied, we'll make any alterations you suggest. When you are completely happy, you send us the final payment, we send you the website and, if you wish, host it for you.