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Questions and Answers.

How can you afford to make websites so cheaply? Surely there must be some sacrifice in quality?

Absolutely not. Here is our big secret:

We have spent months writing a sophisticated computer program that helps in the early stages of writing websites. This saves us a lot of time. We "hit the ground running" and continue with the momentum. The simpler the website, the more time we save. Thus we can pass the saving on to you.

What else can you say about the quality?

The content is largely up to you, so we won't comment on that! However, we believe that the quality of our coding is excellent. All the websites we produce are written using HTML5, CSS3 and other languages (such as javascript) where appropriate. This allows pixel-perfect precision and enables us to have complete control over every aspect of the pages we write.

Most amateurs and several professional web designers use the 'drag and drop' method. Programs are available that allow you to make web pages by dragging a picture on to a blank canvas and adding words to another area etc. Even videos can sometimes be added. Whilst this method of producing web pages can be appropriate in some cases, it does have major drawbacks. It tends to produce bloated pages with inefficient code that take longer to load than is strictly necessary. If you don't drop the pictures or writing in exactly the correct position, you are stuck with it. We never use the 'drag and drop' method.

Another advantage of our coding is that all our sites are produced using the principles of 'responsive design'.

What does 'responsive design' mean?

A web page that looks great on a large monitor the size of a television may look terrible on a mobile phone screen. For a start, the text may be too small to read. We solve this problem by using the principles of 'responsive design'. We will try to explain this complicated subject in terms that a non-technical person can understand.

When the browser is about to display one of your pages, it first asks the device, "How big are you?" The answer comes back, "I am a huge monitor" or "I have a very small screen" or "My screen is the size of a typical tablet". Using our carefully written code, the browser rearranges the page, resizes the text and graphics and displays it in a way that is best for that device.

Your website will look different on a mobile phone than it does on a large monitor but your viewers will be able to read the text and view the images on either device. Coordinated colour schemes, logos etc. remain the same.

Not all web designers can do this and some that can charge extra.

Should I write my site myself for free, instead of paying you?

That depends. If you are keen on computing, adventurous or simply like a challenge, maybe you should. However, you may end up frustrated, with a half-finished, mis-aligned site. If you believe 'time is money' or if your prime objective is to get a professional, finished site quickly, you should employ us.

I've just started a small business and would love a website but have very little money. Can you help?

We respect people who are trying to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and would like to help.

The best course of action is to settle for an economy website, initially, and aim to upgrade as funds become available. Let's be honest, your website won't look as impressive as a full business website would. It will give you an immediate internet presence, though.

You could get a description of your business, photos, phone number etc. on the internet straight away. Hopefully, this would bring more business your way and you could use part of the profits to enhance your website further. Slowly, your website's appearance would improve and you could end up with a magnificent site.

If you are planning on taking this route, tell us at the beginning and we'll build 'upgradability' into your site, right from the start.

Who owns the copyright to my site that WebaDream has written for me?

After WebaDream has received and processed your final payment, you own the copyright. This means that you can cut your ties with WebaDream completely, if you wish. You can alter the website yourself, get a rival web designer to alter it for you - frankly, you can do whatever you want with your website. None of this bothers us because we aim to offer the best value for money, at all times.

WebaDream owns the copyright until we have processed your final payment.

How do I pay you?

You can pay using PayPal, cheque, bank transfer or perhaps cash (if you live in the Todmorden, West Yorkshire area). We will email you the details.

How can I find out more?

You can contact us with any specific questions.