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Economy Websites - Do I need a Domain Name?

In most cases, you will need to buy a Domain Name. This is what people will type into their browser, in order to visit your site. Owning a domain name costs between £4 and £10 per year, typically.

You might not need a domain name if you are running a small site on web space provided by your ISP. Even under these circumstances, you may wish to purchase one. The main reason for not wanting a domain name would be if you are desperate to run your site as cheaply as possible.

The big advantage of owning a domain name is that your visitors may be able to remember the name of your site more easily. They are more likely to remember than

Some people with a small personal site run on their own ISP's web space will decide that the advantages of owning a domain name are not worth the cost. Others will decide that they must have one. It depends entirely on your circumstances.

You will almost certainly have to buy a domain name if your site is hosted by a specialist hosting company or ourselves.

You can buy a domain name completely independently of any other process (you don't even need to have a website). Alternatively, some Web Hosting companies offer special deals combining a free domain name with their hosting service. Unfortunately, their hosting service is likely to be a little more expensive. Compare prices carefully.

Usually, you need to renew the registration of your domain name every 12 or 24 months.