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Economy Websites - One Special Requirement.

On our Home Page, we mentioned that one precondition applies for our Economy Websites.

You will appreciate that, even though we are efficient, it will take some time to produce your site. It will take many hours to write and test it. We may spend a little time composing emails to you. As with any business, we have running costs. What we are trying to say here is: it is quite a challenge for us to produce websites so cheaply.

In order for us to be successful, we have to get stuck in and work like beavers. Once we start, we simply can't afford the luxury of delays. This leads to our one and only special requirement. You must help us in the following way.

You must get it firmly in your mind what you want your site to end up like, before you send us the ingredients to make the site. You must not send us part of the site with the intention of making it up as we go along. You must tell us what you want at the start. We cannot spend any significant time discussing with you what would look nice or what changes could be made to the site. We could not make you a site for £100 under these circumstances.

If this worries you because you feel you might not know enough about websites or just don't feel confident for any reason, tell us right at the beginning that you are willing to pay a little extra, if it turns out that you require more than average help. We're trying to keep our prices as low as possible, whilst being fair to all our customers.

However, you are most welcome to contact us initially, whilst your ideas are still vague. We can provide advice to get you started and answer any questions or uncertainties you have. You are under no obligation and we welcome the opportunity to talk with you.