Please note that we are a brand new company and not all links on our website are fully operational yet.

However, you are quite welcome to contact us with your enquiries.

Economy Websites - What is involved?

Our example website demonstrates the quality and typical size of our Economy site which can be produced for you for £100.

You are not limited to this choice. You can choose to add extra features. You can add extra pages, special buttons, embedded video or any other variation of our standard offering. If you contact us with your requirements, we can give you an idea of cost.

The steps to be taken to produce an Economy Website are described briefly below.

  • The first step is taken by you. You decide what you want on your site. This may well take some time but is where you show your creativity and individuality.
  • You email us everything you want on the site: digital photos, text, description of colour schemes etc. - whatever is important to you.
  • We produce your Home Page, put it online temporarily and email you the details, so that you can see it in your browser.
    If you are happy with your page, you ask us to proceed with the rest of the site and send us a deposit of £35 (for a standard £100 site).
  • Within a few days of receiving your deposit, we should have finished your site and will put it online for you to examine. If there is anything that you're not quite happy with, you get an opportunity to tell us. We will make any alterations and contact you again.
  • When you are satisfied with your new website, you send us the balance of the money and we send you the website. If you wish, we can host it, as well.